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Talking || Noah&Niall

Niall had noticed when Noah used the past tense while speaking about her mother and it really peaked his¬†curiosity, even more so when she was hesitant and nervous about telling him. When she agreed to talk about it, he was glad that she felt she could trust him with this, he agreed to meet her in the lobby and got himself ready. Not really caring to look too dressed up, he grabbed a pair of jeans and slipped on his Nike high tops along with a clean shirt and his Bulls snapback. He quickly made is way down to the lobby where he told Noah they’d meet up. He wasn’t sure what they’d be doing, but he just wanted to make sure she was in an area that she was comfortable enough with to talk.¬†

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    Noah grinned at Niall, her tongue slightly coming out from between her teeth. “It was wasnt it,” she said, leaning her...
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    When he managed to get them a cab, he slid in after Noah. He gave the drive the adress of their hotel and sat back. “I...